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Features and Benefits

The BCS LMS has been designed to provide a complete solution to the training and management needs of its clients (both for online and in-person students). It is a fully integrated system which provides a robust set of authoring, registration, training, administration, tracking and reporting functions.


Thin Client design. Authorized end users access the application via the internet or an intranet using a browser (all modern browsers are supported). No special hardware or software is required. The application can be used from any location which has network access (including smart phones, tablets and desktop equipment).

Client Server architecture. The application is installed at a single server location (standard Microsoft IIS/ASP/.net implementation, with a SQL Server database back end) and can be used by any number of end users.

Information portals are provided for key external users such as customer administrators.

Customizable reports provide the user with necessary information for managing enrollment and completion activity.

The application implements high levels of data and access security as well as student identify verification.

Application Components


Websites provide students and customers with support and information to locate courseware by state, training need and accessing online support such as chat or phone. Additionally custom websites can be developed for client affiliates while content is managed through the admin portal. User login information and data is secured and accessed through a self defined username and password.

Complete automated registration allows students to utilize courses online with electronic payments, course selection for both online and in-person courses, and features customizable registration processes. Additionally, tracking and reporting of third party data is accessible in detail. Capable of featuring both Citation based and non-Citation based courses


The LMS tool offers complete application support and administration through the following areas:

  • Client Administration
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Support
  • Application Administration
  • Agency Administration
  • Proctored Tests
  • Automated Emails/Reminders
  • Reports
  • Data Transfers

Author Capabilities

Authors are capable of building courseware as authorized application users to create new courses, modules, course materials and defining course properties. This also includes numbers course variables like timers and identification questions.

Authors can modify:

  • Courseware Content and Construction
  • Quizzes and Tests
  • Courseware Validation
  • Graded module tests and exams
  • Feedback
  • Input Logging
  • and much more

Student Capabilities

Students are able to login using secured user id's and passwords to access quizzes, information and other data once successfully logged in that has been built and approved by authors. Students can verify identity, check statuses of quizzes online, take new quizzes and exams and view results within their dashboard.

Business Workflows Overview

The following high level strategic business needs ("Business Models") represent current business operational components. Each of these is described in more detail in the following sections of this document.

It is important to note that for each of the business models shown below, considerable customization of the specific implementation of the model occurs within each of the geographic areas for which that model is active. These variations are in large part dictated by local (usually state level) mandates which traffic schools must conform to. Therefore, while a traffic school can standardize certain aspects of the business operation across geographic territories for a given Business Model, it will not be possible to design a 'one size fits all' standard model. There may be as many individual 'flavors' of any of the Business Models shown below as there are regions within which that model is in operation.


Delivery of products and services through an external agency organization within target territories. Responsibility for part of the operational process flow (dependent upon which specific Agency Model is in use) is offloaded to the agency. Highly customized by region.


Traffic School
Direct (to the student) delivery of Traffic School courses for a state by a client. May be online or in person. The client is responsible for the entire operational process flow. Highly customized by region.

Instructor Development
Direct (to the instructor) delivery of certification courses for a state by a client. Currently offered in person only (although online options may be a future option). Client is responsible for the entire operational process flow. Highly customized by region.

Direct delivery of corporate fleet training. May be online or in person. May include minor customization based on the specific client.


Client acts as a reseller for products and/or services supplied by another organizations.

Customer Types

BCS clients can deliver products and services to the following types of customer:

  • Agency - agency resells course packets to customers. Contents of a 'packet' depend on the agency model in use.
  • Student - courses and certificates (via online or in person)
  • Instructor - instructor certification course
  • Corporation - courses, services
  • Court - student enrollment, completion notification
  • State - student enrollment, completion notification, certificate usage
  • Internal - reports, administrative tools


The BCS LMS is implement using High Availability (HA) tool kit and multiple redundant architecture. The technology employed is described below.

All application facilities are constructed using secure "thin client" architectures, users need no special hardware or software to utilize the application (other than a browser and internet connection). There are no plug-ins or other software add-ons required to use the application facilities.

  • All browsers and end user platforms are supported
  • UI is implemented using HTML5, CSS2, javascript
  • No plug ins are required


The nature of Internet application delivery requires specific consideration be given to enhanced system security. Users of these application systems want to be assured that the work products created are safe and secure from loss or unauthorized access, particularly in those cases where the nature of the report or imagery is inherently private, such as occurs in Government, Health Care, Financial or Legal arenas. Historically, early Internet architectures and applications exhibited security flaws which were documented in the literature as well as via anecdotal channels. These flaws included basic network and platform considerations as well as application architecture issues which often were carryovers from legacy systems upon which they were derived.

The BCS Security Architecture implements a layered approach, with each layer addressing a specific sub-mission of the overall security design. Collectively, these layers result in a robust, safe and secure framework for customer teams to work in without undo productivity burdens.

About Bohac Consulting Services

Since 2004 BCS, Inc. has supplied a wide range of automation and support services for State certified traffic schools in many states in the US.

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