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Welcome to the BCS LMS

The BCS Learning Management System has been designed to provide a complete solution to the training and management needs of its clients (both for online and in-person students). It is a fully integrated system which provides a robust set of authoring, registration, training, administration, tracking and reporting functions.

Support for Traffic Schools

Although the BCS LMS is not limited to supporting the training requirements for state Traffic School, BCS has processed more traffic school students than all other such back end engines in the US COMBINED (over 1,900,000) and across the widest variety of states that offer these programs: Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, New York, Virginia, Florida, New York, California, Michigan, South Carolina, Delaware. Each of these states has unique requirement for registration, tracking, processing and reporting students, all of which the BCS LMS already know how to use.

To Start Up a Traffic School you will need:

  • Approval from the authorities in the sate
  • A website
  • A Back end Engine, programming, scripting and datatbases
  • An LMS to deliver the material to the online students
  • Office and other operations.
  • Course Ware

The BCS LMS can project "instant up" for all of these items except for the last two, and has partners that can help you with those as well, thereby greatly reduducing the startup time for a new school. There is no one who can make this process easier, quicker and/or smoother than BCS.

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Businesses can benefit from the following features:

  • Easy to configure and get started
  • Only pay for what you use (based on student completions)
  • Easy integration to your website for registration and schedules
  • High levels of availability, security and peformance
  • Audit ability (every data change is recorded)
  • Security based on role permissions
  • Capable of processing very high student loads
  • Integrates directly with State management agencies
  • Information transport is electronic
  • Single point of data storage
  • Flexible and compete reporting capabilities
  • Redundancy in key components
  • The client controls their own data

Overview of BCS LMS

Control Application: Provides core functionality, data upload/download capabilities, tracing, data audit, backup and recovery

Learning Management System: Provides online course capability. Includes student status and transcript tracking and course bookmarking. Provides client administration capabilities.

Web Site: Provides basic marketing facilities, online registration and sales. Can be added to client web sites.

Admin Portal: Allows application administration, course, class and student definition.

Agency Portal: Supplies all agency related functionality

Tech Support Portal: Provides technical administration, problem diagnosis and customer support features.

Reports Engine: Provides management reporting.

Database: Houses student, course, financial and usage data.

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